CrossFit is Expensive but. . .

CrossFit is expensive.  Yes, much more expensive than other gyms.  But you get so much more here than just walking into a Gold’s gym. It’s all about priorities.

CrossFit is expensive but. .

  • We’ll spend $6 on multiple beers at baseball games
  • A $10 daily lunch out is acceptable
  • It’s OK to spend $70 a night out on 6th street 4 or 5 times per month
  • Getting your nails done 2 times per month is “cheap”
  • You need that new 60 inch HDTV
  • Those shoes are too cute to pass up

CrossFit is expensive, but so is life.  Where you spend your money reflects your priorities.  Do you want results or just to say that you have a gym membership?  We provide you with all of the tools you need for your fitness success.  I promise you, if you make fitness a priority, the results will come.  Balcones CrossFit is the place to be.