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BCF Workout of the Day

  • Monday July 28, 2014



    A. Handstand hold/ handstand walk practice
    *if you can’t do a handstand, try a wall walk, or plank

    B. Pistol Practice


    20 minute AMRAP
    5 handstand push ups
    10 pistols
    15 pull ups

  • Saturday July 26, 2014



    Mobilize calves and hamstrings


    “Death by 10 meters”

    one 10m sprint the first min
    two 10m sprints the second min
    three 10m sprints the third min. . .

    continue to add one sprint every minute until you can no longer complete the required number of runs in a minute.

  • Friday July 25, 2014

    push p dl


    A1. Bench Press 3 x 3-5 (3010) rest 90 sec
    A2. Bent Row 3 x 3-5 (3010) rest 90 sec


    14 min AMRAP @80% output
    5 power cleans @85% 1rm
    15 push ups
    15 toes to bar (sets of 5)
    40 double unders *must attempt at least 5 every round

    *keep the pace aerobic

  • Thursday July 24, 2014

    lynn and chris


    A1. Back Squat 2 x 15-20 (2010) rest 60 sec
    A2. Good Morning 2 x 10-12 (2110) rest 60 sec


    3 sets
    6 tire flips
    50m dumbbell lunge
    50m farmer carry
    rest 3 min b/w rounds

  • Wednesday July 23, 2014

    Be Honest with Yourself

    I’m sure this doesn’t apply to you, but just in case it does please continue reading. Heads up, this may sting a little.

    If you’re not seeing the results that you want to see you have to be honest with yourself, and with your coaches. Maybe you haven’t lost that last 10 lbs, or the scale hasn’t budged in few months, or you haven’t seen many improvements in your training.

    We are often quick to blame the training program, or maybe the “bad weekend” on our stagnated progress, but sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at your habits as a whole.

    I’ve heard it countless times. Someone comes to me, usually with a weight loss concern. I ask them how they’ve been eating recently. Nine times out of ten they say something like this, “weeeell… this week wasn’t so good.”Or “I’ve been eating clean but. . ” If you’re progress has stalled, and this week wasn’t so good, my guess is last week wasn’t so good either. Sometimes you just have to own it.

    Let’s stop lying to ourselves, and please don’t lie to me. If I ask how your eating is and you say great, then I shouldn’t see you chowing down on pizza in a Facebook post. The same goes for drinking every weekend (or every night).

    I’m not saying not to have fun, or indulge every now and then. But if your indulgences outweigh your healthy habits, then it’s no surprise that you aren’t seeing results.

    Take a step back and really look at your last few months. Have you been consistently eating healthy? Have you been consistently coming to the gym, or staying active? My guess is if you can say yes to both then you’re seeing results.

    If you’re not seeing results do this: journal everything that you eat for the next 14 days. When I say everything, I mean literally everything. Did you grab a handful of skittles at work? That counts! Did you have a glass (or bottle) of wine at dinner? That counts!

    I’m willing to bet by the end of this exercise you’ll see why you haven’t made any progress.

    Get in here and get after it!


    No excuses from Bekah. 6 months in, and all results!

    No excuses from Bekah. 6 months in, and all results!


    Skill Work – double under or triple under practice. Take 10 min to work on jumping


    Every 5 minutes complete:
    10 russian kettlebell swings
    15 ball slams
    50 mountain climbers
    rest the remainder of the 5 min 
    repeat x 4


    4 x 100m sprint
    rest 2 minutes between efforts

  • Tuesday July 22, 2014

    Upcoming Events at BCF

    Wednesday 7/16  at 430 pm – FREE CrossFit Kids Class. Children 5-12 are welcome.

    Friday 7/25 at 7 pm- Friday Night Lights – $5 buy in will get you a workout and some food. Workout to be determined! Everyone will be entered in a raffle to win money!

    Saturday August 23 at 9 am – Iron Bill Fundraiser WOD. Join us to support firefighter Bill Dowley and his family. Tickets and event info can be found here:

    Caleb and his wife Angie joined us a few weeks back. They are already seeing results. Keep it up!

    Caleb and his wife Angie joined us a few weeks back. He’s already seeing results. Keep it up!


    A. Snatch 4 x 2-3 reps
    ** add weight per set


    EMOM 10
    odd – 8 chest to bar pull ups
    even – 10 burpees

    EMOM 10 
    5-7 dips
    5 fast power cleans @45%


  • Monday July 21, 2014


    Hey yall. We have some folks competing at Wodapalooza this Saturday at Palmer Events Center. Come join us and support Jason, Marry, Darla, and Anthony


    A. Deadlift 4 x 2-4 (2110) *must pause on the floor, no bouncing. rest 3-4 min b/w sets

    B1. Rear foot elevated split squat 3 x 8-10 (3010) rest 45 sec b/w legs, 60  sec b/w set
    B2. Straight Leg Deadlift 3 x 8-10 (3010) rest 60 sec


    2 rounds
    10 turkish get ups
    400m run
    *keep a good aerobic pace on the run, focus on form on the turkish get ups


  • Saturday July 19, 2014



    In teams of 2 complete the following:

    100m tire flip jump through (only one person must jump, both may help on the flip)
    400m run
    100m farmer carry (each partner must complete 100m, but only one may go at a time)
    400m run

  • Friday July 18, 2014


    Nooners working on some barbell Turkish Get Ups

    Nooners working on some barbell Turkish Get Ups


    Skill Work: The double under


    In teams of 2 complete the following:

    100 push ups / while one partner does push ups, the other must hold a deadlift at the top (135/95)

    200 double unders/ while one partner jumps, the other must hold a squat

    50 pull ups / while one partner does pull ups, the other must hold a plank

  • Thursday July 17, 2014

    Gretchen 1


    Skill work: The Turkish Get Up


    In teams of 2:

    7 minute AMRAP
    Wall Balls
    *Only one person works at a time. Everytime the ball is dropped, both teammates must do 5 burpees then switch. 

    rest 5 min 

    7 minute AMRAP
    100m Sprint
    15 kettlebell swings
    100m Sprint

    Run this like a relay – partner 1 does 1 round, then tags in partner 2. Only one person works at a time.